Our Services

Concept Safety Systems cc commits to making sense of compliance, supporting our clients in identifying relevant legislation and then “decoding” it, to understand the intention of the legislation and how to achieve compliance and still add value to operations.

We develop your appointed persons to understand the law, their duties and functions within the law, the benefits and pitfalls within your operations. Adding value rather than simply committing to the maxim “the law is the law”. It is possible to have full compliance with value added to your operations.

Support Services

The support services are designed to meet client specific needs and include but are not limited to:

On Site Audits and Inspections.

Analytical Reports.

Development of Documentation

Support in applying practical corrective solutions

Group and individual training sessions


Staffing Solutions


Concept Safety Systems cc commission the services of registered accountants to monitor financial controls in line with legislated financial good practice. The company’s day to day activities are administered from the offices on the  3rd Floor of Helvetia House 80 Greenvale Road, Wilbart Germiston, where all the necessary facilities are located to provide our clients with a value add support service.